cold hardy South African winter growers

Nicholas plummer
Thu, 29 Dec 2016 07:28:30 PST
Thanks to all who responded, over the list and via email, to my query about
SA winter growers that might do as well as Moraea polystachya in my garden.
It seems as though M. polystachya may be exceptional in its early sprouting
and rapid blooming, but via email one person suggested Moraea ciliata.
I'll also take a look at the Oxalis suggested by Ernie deMarie and Mark

I am cognizant of Charles Powne's warning that I'm really pushing the
recommended zone for winter growers and will take his suggestion to also
look for high altitude summer growers from the Drakensberg -- though as
Ernie deMarie suggests,  there I may find plants that don't like our summer
heat and humidity.  As far as summer growers go, so far I have been
successful with Gladiolus dalenii, various Eucomis, Crinum hybrids, and
Ornithogalum candicans.  This winter, I'm testing Scadoxus multiflorus and
puniceus buried deep, and I have some seedling Gladiolus saundersii and
Erythrina zeyheri in the greenhouse that will probably go in the ground
next year.  Tony Avent grows a fair number of S. African summer growers not
too far from here, but he is probably half a zone warmer and has much
sandier soil, so his success may not easily translate.

Happy New Year to all.

Nick Plummer
Durham, North Carolina, Zone 7

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