lifting bulbs for winter

Tim Eck
Thu, 08 Dec 2016 13:21:59 PST
My Rhodo. Bifida seem to survive a wet zone 6 winter very well outdoors.  
I think the cold wet winter would do in all of my hippeastrum.  I am trying
to overwinter some hipps in a white plastic (15% transmission) cold-frame
this year, but they definitely require drying out first.  

Tim Eck

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> Yesterday I lifted my tender bulbs & geophytes to store them indoors for
> winter.
> Much to my surprise one Hippeastrum bulb had already succumbed to winter
> cold & was turning mushy.  That upsets me because the temps have barely
> dropped below 30 deg F so far, and this is one I raised from seed years
> Also much to my surprise (since this is my first year growing them)
> Rhodophiala bifida were as happy as can be & still growing strong with
> green leaves.  Whereas all my other amaryllids have foliage completely
> zapped down to the ground.
> My Manfreda maculosa were surprisingly green & happy.  I didn't expect
> from a Texas plant in Ohio.  But I brought them indoors too, just in case.
> Another surprise was that 2 Polianthes "Golden Harvest" had bloomed this
> season without me ever noticing.  But there were the dead stalks in
> plain as day.  How annoying to have missed it!
> Since the Rhodophiala were actively growing I potted them up & placed them
> on a windowsill for winter.
> Dennis in Cincinnati (where the wind chill is at 15 deg F right now)
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