gasoline and gardening and ants

Linda Foulis
Tue, 13 Dec 2016 16:17:43 PST
Gas is very effective, but I wouldn't use it on a regular basis and of course care must be taken.
What I've found effective and safe is diatomaceous earth.  I make a ring of it around the house 3-4 times per summer.  It has worked better than anything else especially chemicals.  It is sold in 25 kg bags at my ag store.  
Also effective on isolated ant hills is a couple buckets of water with a bit of dish soap mixed in.  The ants drown.  It was explained to me that the soap bursts the air bubble around the ant, therefore drowning it.  I live on an ant hill....... A very large anthill.
Not sure if it will work on non-Alberta ants?  

Linda M Foulis
Beautiful Blooms


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