Hippeastrum rescue

Jeff Preen jeff.preen@gmail.com
Sun, 18 Dec 2016 15:31:08 PST
It depends on the stage of rotting your hippeastrum is at.  If the leaves
are drooping and yellowing then I would repot into perlite and move into
sunlight and water sparingly. As others have said previously, if the
hippeastrum shows obvious signs of rotting in the "bulb" itself then you
can try removing the rotted material as best you can until you have only
healthy layers. If it is localised to just a section of the bulb then I
find that cutting out the rotted section and keeping as much of the basal
plate (base where the roots form from) and healthy roots as possible can
have success but it is a long road back and expect more failures than
success.  If it is all over then remove the leaves like an onion until you
are left with healthy leaves on your basal plate.  Throw out the old
potting mix regardless and repot using an open medium such as perlite when
trying to save your bulb. This forum is pretty good for ideas and you can
find many examples on youtube covering multiplying/dividing "chipping" a
hippeastrum by cutting a bulb to form bulbils etc which is essentially what
you are doing by cutting your bulb to remove rotted components. Some
varieties are far more prone to rot than others especially with rich soil
and the addition of organic material which is the usual cause of rot
coupled with over watering. Killing your hippeastrum with love. Best wishes
and good luck.

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> Frank
> How do you treat outdoor bulbs?
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> > The narcissus bulb fly is one of my most despised pests.  Besides
> attacking vacationing Hippeastrum it will also infest narcissus, galanthus,
> lycoris, and leucojum bulbs and I would keep an eye on these as well since
> they are probably also under attack and are likely the source of your
> infestation.
> > Daffodils and snowdrops here will fade away in a year or two if left
> untreated.  I really hate these things.
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