Flowering now

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 28 Dec 2016 16:14:14 PST
Here in coastal Northern California it has been colder than usual, but a 
bit above freezing at night. I have quite a few Oxalis blooming: Oxalis 
compressa, O. luteola, two forms, O. purpurea, many forms, Oxalis 
obtusa, just 2 so far, Oxalis versicolor, Oxalis perdicaria, and a 
couple of days ago surprising me an odd O. imbricata. I thought it was 
done for the year. Until very recently I had Cyclamen cilicium 
flowering, but now just have a lot of forms of C. coum and C. persicum, 
also one or two C. repandum flowers. Some plants of that species are 
just shooting out. There is one flower left from Cyclamen hederifolium 
var. confusum. Like David I have Tristagma/Ipheion 'Rolf Fiedler' 
flowering. It has a very long season. Iris unguicularis continues to 
have a flower open every now and then and the same for Moraea 
polystachya. The pink version of Allium hyalinum from Nhu is blooming 
and strange for this time of the year there are more flowers on 
Pelargonium sidoides. There is a Lachenalia that used to be aloides var. 
quadricolor. I must confess I didn't try to figure out the name changes 
when Duncan's most recent Lachenalia book came out. Like Jane I have 
Narcissus cantabricus in bloom, but also N. romieuxii. Clivia robusta is 
flowering with its red and green flowers. In the unheated greenhouse 
Haemanthus deformis and Cyrtanthus mackenii are flowering and the blue 
Freesia laxa will soon by joining them.

Mary Sue

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