lifting bulbs for winter

Dennis Kramb
Thu, 08 Dec 2016 06:41:22 PST
Yesterday I lifted my tender bulbs & geophytes to store them indoors for

Much to my surprise one Hippeastrum bulb had already succumbed to winter
cold & was turning mushy.  That upsets me because the temps have barely
dropped below 30 deg F so far, and this is one I raised from seed years ago.

Also much to my surprise (since this is my first year growing them)
Rhodophiala bifida were as happy as can be & still growing strong with deep
green leaves.  Whereas all my other amaryllids have foliage completely
zapped down to the ground.

My Manfreda maculosa were surprisingly green & happy.  I didn't expect that
from a Texas plant in Ohio.  But I brought them indoors too, just in case.

Another surprise was that 2 Polianthes "Golden Harvest" had bloomed this
season without me ever noticing.  But there were the dead stalks in
evidence, plain as day.  How annoying to have missed it!

Since the Rhodophiala were actively growing I potted them up & placed them
on a windowsill for winter.

Dennis in Cincinnati (where the wind chill is at 15 deg F right now)

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