Steven Hart

Steven Hart
Wed, 21 Dec 2016 18:54:36 PST
Haha I didn't mean to traumatise you guys !  I'm fascinated by them & have
seen red bull dog ants kill & tare apart full size grasshoppers in the bulb
garden. Pretty handy little fellas to say the least lol.
Here is a couple of photos. You don't ever want to be bitten if your
strolling through the rainforest. Ive copped a sting from both & the pain
is simply unfathomable !!!!! A girlfriends large bullmastiff size dog
wandered across a nest once & got a few stings on the tummy & it went into
chronic shock & shivered for over an hour in excruciating pain. All I could
do was plunge its tummy into a freezing creek & try to reduce the venom
movement to save its life.



On 21 December 2016 at 21:49, Jane Sargent <> wrote:

> I and my family are still shuddering at the concept of inch-long jumping
> ants with stingers.
> Jane
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