Fritillaria from tissue culture

Jane McGary
Sat, 10 Dec 2016 10:01:37 PST
Two friends who are also PBS members, Jan Jeddeloh and Emma Elliott, 
raised some Fritillaria eduardii in tissue culture using tissue from the 
ovary of a bud on my only plant of this species. (They're having success 
with Lilium species.)  Jan would like to wean the young plants out of 
the agar medium now, but previous attempts (including one by me) have 
failed. F. eduardii is a member of the Imperiales section, which 
includes the familiar garden species Fritillaria imperialis and 
Fritillaria raddeana. Does anyone on this forum have experience growing 
these by tissue culture, with success at the crucial point of moving 
from sterile medium to growing in an ordinary pot? Can you offer advice, 

Jane McGary

Portland, Oregon

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