advice about propagating haemanthus alba?

Diane Whitehead
Thu, 08 Dec 2016 22:18:39 PST

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> From: Emily Wheeler <>
> Date: December 8, 2016 12:53:02 PM PST
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> Subject: Re: advice about propagating haemanthus alba?
> Hi everyone,
> Sorry if this is redundant. I just joined after searching the web for some
> advice on germinating haemanthus alba seeds. Long ago I started a large
> haemanthus (orange) from some seeds left in a wastebasket in a biology
> department at the college I attended.  Now I have been given a small 'alba'
> variety and to my surprise, one of the flowers has produced a lot of seeds.
> I would like to plants these. I don't recall what I did before -- probably
> nothing in my younger carefree days. Now I am old enough to know there are
> often germination protocols for different species. So, any advice would be
> appreciated.
> btw, I live in Massachusetts, so these are indoor houseplants I'm talking
> about.
> Thanks in advance,
> Emily

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