New Year's flower count
Sat, 02 Jan 2016 16:48:51 PST

Happy New Year to all, 
As far as blooms in the garden right now, I am surprised there are a still some, though not from bulbs.  Nice to see some flowers still alive after a 2 week trip to Taiwan with my wife, saw lots of interesting plants there in the mountains mainly.  Lowlands are full of the usual tropical stuff and vegetables, the latter especially are planted in every conceivable spot right in the middle of cities even.  At home to greet me when the light dawned today were the calendulas, parma violets--I planted 2 outside to see if they survive, have read they are tender but wonder why they wouldnt be as hardy as any V odorata which they appear to be double forms of--and some frost beaten yarrows, nemesias, senecios, and a felicia.   Must be others too, but I have been busy today, let alone readjusting to "normal" time.  I do see some crocus and daffodil and even a species tulip poking out of the ground but no blooms yet.  We are expected to get significantly colder night temps in a couple o
 f days, its been a very long mild spell thus far.  Things that should be dead and gone still survive, including gomphrocarpus, petunias, the resowing nemesias, and others.  
Inside several oxalis are still in bloom, a romulea with white flowers and a yellow throat from seed I collected in the sw Cape years go is in full bloom, and another massonia is about to bloom.  Lachenalia viridiflora and a couple of freesia spp are past bloom, most Cape bulbs will of course come into bloom later on.  I also have a second spike on Hippeastrum aulicum which I crossed with a fading spike on H papilio, since my attempt to self my plant of the former failed, so I will see what interesting hybrids may result. 
Ernie DeMarie 
In a zone 9 thus far Briarcliff Manor NY but by next week we should get below 20 degrees for the first time at night once or twice, that will move us into zone 8.  Unless the forecast changes again.  

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