things flowering now

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 02 Jan 2016 17:55:23 PST
Here in Coastal North California I have one or two flowers left on 
Freesia caryophyllacea and Gladiolus priorii.  Crocus laevigatus, 
Narcissus cantabricus, Clivia robusta, Massonia pustulata, Polyxena 
longituba, Cyclamen coum, Cyclamen repandum (which has been behaving 
rather strangely flowering without leaves for a few months), Iris 
unguicularis, Lachenalia bulbifera and Tristagma uniflorum all have 
flowers. In my unheated greenhouse, Haemanthus deformis, Haemanthus 
paucifolius, Canarina canariensis, Cyrtanthus brachyscaphus 
(flowering earlier than usual after repotting it when I shared with 
the BX) are flowering and Cyrtanthus mackenii has a lot of spikes. 
There are a lot of Oxalis that would be blooming if it were warmer. I 
take them in some days and then the flowers open. I am kind of afraid 
to jinx it, but I was excited to see a flower spike on Paramongaia 
weberbaueri. I obtained a blooming size bulb in 2001 and the only 
other time it looked like it would bloom, the spike fell over before 
it opened and the leaves died too and I discovered the Narcissus bulb 
fly had gotten it. There were some small offsets left however, but 
never any sign of bloom until now. So I'm hoping. Moraea polystachya 
has been flowering a long time, but this is about the time the rain 
and cold always bring it to the end.  On our Thursday hike there was 
an Iris douglasiana in flower. As John mentioned the El Nino weather 
has been predicted to come in January and rain is forecast for most 
of the week starting tonight so this is a good time for a report as 
we've had several sunny days.

Mary Sue

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