Haemanthus tristis

Leo Martin stnalpsoel@gmail.com
Fri, 01 Jan 2016 12:11:59 PST
I got 10 seeds from Silverhill in (northern hemisphere) spring 2014. I
stored them in my refrigerator until fall 2014.

I planted them in sand in foam cups 3" tall and 6" deep (7.5 x 15cm.) All
10 grew well through winter 2014-15. They went dormant as the weather

I decided to leave them outside during summer 2015. I kept them in my
carport, some 6 feet / 1.75m from the dripline and well away from the spot
rain normally drains, to keep them from summer watering. Temperatures in
the shade ranged up to 115F / 45C. During one extremely strong downpour
rain cascaded off my entire roof and splashed well into the carport,
soaking all the bulbs in containers summering there.

This fall 4 of the plants sprouted and are growing. This is the first time
I have had any survive their first summer. In times past I kept the dormant
containers inside the house. I don't know whether the one rain soaking was
responsible for some surviving, or the higher dormancy temperatures.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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