Book Review: Flora of Oregon

Travis O
Sat, 16 Jan 2016 06:33:29 PST
Last September, volume 1 of the Flora of Oregon was released. The Flora of Oregon is a three volume set covering all vascular plants in Oregon from ferns (Pteridophytes) to flowering plants (angiosperms). Volume 1 covers all ferns, conifers (gymnosperms), and monocots. 1,054 taxa in 46 families are treated in the book, including both native and nonnative taxa. I wrote a brief review on my blog, complete with some representative scans (done so with explicit permission from the OFP and the FNA).
This book is awesome. Here is a link to the review:…

Have a copy already? What are your thoughts? Critiques?
Thank you,

-Travis OwenRogue River, OR 		 	   		  

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