Ian Young's Bulb Log and Erythronium compilation

Gordon Hogenson gordonhogenson@yahoo.com
Tue, 05 Jan 2016 18:10:20 PST
I love the Erythronium book!  Beautiful and helpful photos and interesting information in each installment.
The comments about E. montanum were interesting - Ian says he started seed of this species from multiple sources and collected seed, eventually producing a strain that was adapted to the local conditions. This is something I hope to do as well, but I'm worried about the issue of cross-pollination with other Erythronium?  In general, I have heard that Erythronium cross easily, although I don't know if this applies only to closely related species.  I don't know what species will cross with which other species, or if all of them will potentially cross-pollinate.  Did Ian hand-pollinate the montanum strains, or otherwise isolate them?

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The last Bulb log for this year, No. 52, is now online and features 
three more chapters on
  Erythronium montanum, E. elegans and E. klamathense.
Ian still has more chapters to write so is moving the date for the full 
combined "e-book"
  'Erythroniums in Cultivation' going online to the end of January.

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