New Year's flower count

Terri Bates
Sat, 02 Jan 2016 14:29:19 PST
Not much yet, though the Oemleria buds are swelling, a sure sign of things soon to come. 

Two tiny white blooms on Polygala chamaebuxus. A few galanthus. Mahonia bealei opens more every day though gets zapped by mid20s every night lately. The best is a mass planting of Helleborus foetidus lively with 3 Anna's hummingbirds. 

Not a flower, but the pearlescent dusky rose sheaths of Fargesia scabrida are a real treat this year (many winters too gray and rainy to enjoy). Actually all of the Fargesias were the standouts in the garden today -- delicate translucent leaves catching the dazzling sunlight, a stark contrast to the dark conifers.  

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