Suggestions for a bulb-viewing trip to South Africa?

Michael Mace
Wed, 06 Jan 2016 17:42:37 PST


I'd like to ask for a little advice.


My wife and I are thinking of taking an anniversary trip to South Africa
this year. I know some of you live there and others have visited, so I'd
love to get your suggestions. Here's what I'm wondering:


--I'm an enthusiast for winter-growing bulbs. What's the best time to visit
the Cape area in order to see the most bulbs in bloom? I'm thinking
August-September. Is that right?


--I'm especially interested in seeing peacock Moraeas and their relatives in
the wild. Are there particular places we should be sure to visit?


--Is it safe for us to wander around on our own, or should we be part of a


--If a tour, are there tours or guides that focus specifically on bulbs as
opposed to wildflowers in general? (Although I like annuals, I'd be
frustrated spending my whole time looking at daisies.)


--This is off the bulb topic, but my wife loves cute animals, so we're
planning to visit penguins and meerkats. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking
of things like petting zoos and baby animal sanctuaries -- maximum cuteness
and fuzziness is the goal.


--Any other suggestions? Places we should go, people we should meet, things
to watch out for, etc?


You're welcome to reply to me privately as this topic might not interest






PS: I know you're not supposed to discuss travel plans on the Internet, so
for the record: our two grown kids have returned home full time, and during
our absence they will be underfeeding our bloodthirsty pack of
attack-trained hunting dogs.

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