Seeking photos of Merendera/Colchicum for PBS wiki

Travis O
Fri, 22 Jan 2016 06:23:47 PST
I am seeking to find photos of Merendera (or according to Persson et al. 2011, Colchicum) to use on the PBS wiki. I seek photos of flowers of the following species:
Merendera eichleri (Colchicum eichleri)
Merendera jolantae (Colchicum robustum)
Merendera mirzoevae (Colchicum mirzoevae)
Merendera montana (Colchicum montanum)
Merendera raddeana (Colchicum raddeanum)
There may be a few more that I'm missing. Take a look at the page, and if you have any other photos you wish to share please send them to me so I may add them.……
(You will notice we have merged Merendera into Colchicum, explanations are presented on both Colchicum and Merendera pages)
Thank you!
-Travis OwenRogue River, OR 		 	   		  

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