things flowering now

John Wickham
Sat, 02 Jan 2016 15:57:27 PST
Here in Los Angeles, I've got a few Oxalix sp. in bloom, as well as Babiana sinuata, Lachenalia viridiflora, Lachenalia bulbifera, Lachenalia 'Spring Mist', Moraea polystachya, Freesia eliminensis, Freesia patula, Gladiolus priorii, and Massonia pustulata. Polyxena sp. were really nice this year, but all finished now. El Nino rolls in tomorrow night for an extended welcome stay (I say now), so things will probably shut down for a few weeks.

    On Saturday, January 2, 2016 3:38 PM, Fred Biasella <> wrote:

 Happy and Healthy New Year to All,

Nothing outside due to the cold of course, but inside: Scadoxus multiflorus
ssp. Katharinae, Haemanthus albiflos, Cyrtanthus Hybrids, lots of
Hippeastrum hybrids and a few interspecific clivia are starting to bloom. 

Warm Regards,
Fred Biasella


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