Haemanthus crispus

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Thu, 21 Jan 2016 18:38:27 PST
  I will assume, given your anticipation of snow, that you're growing under lights. Attractive foliar forms - such as twists, ruffles and glaucous-ity, are usually associated with strong lighting. I don't think you're H. crispus is flat, it is more likely that it is simply not experiencing the light intensity (and perhaps temps or humidity) that would, in its natural habitat, elicit crisped leaves.

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> Keeping amused while awaiting the arrival of the snow.
> I am growing a Hamantheus crispus.  It has one nice leaf (current growth) about 7" long.  But..this leaf, while attractively spotted, has no undulating edges.  Is the undulation something that develops with the maturation of the bulb?  Or, do I just have a "flat" one?
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