Belladonna lilies/'naked ladies' bulbs available.

Rick Buell
Sat, 02 Jan 2016 01:02:31 PST
A gardening friend brought this to my attention, and I'm ordering a few for myself. This individual is clearing land in California, where 1000's (?) of mature plants are growing, and these bulbs are available for purchase. Please note: 1) I haven't yet purchased/received my order. 2) I cannot personally attest to the reliability of this seller, but he has a good reputation from what I can tell.

If you're interested, contact Ken Hettman at 

I suggest you put the words 'Belladonna/naked ladies lilies for sale?' in the subject line. I don't know if these are available for export, you'll have to work that out yourselves. Good luck!Rick Buell 
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