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Sat, 09 Jan 2016 00:06:05 PST
I never got the English upper/lower case logic - i know the rules and 
follow them sometimes, but i don't see the idea behind - or what I see, 
I don't like much. I particularly dislike to use the uppercase I (see 
above), as it seems to say " I am more important than you". And i don't 
think anything nation or language like should be capitalized even if 
it's an adjective, it feels rather nationalistic. German is clear and 
precise: Nouns and names upper case, anything else not - its a system, 
not a rating.

Regarding the naming of former chinodoxas,scillas etc: I personally 
think Hyacinthoides wasn't the most clever naming idea, as the "oid" 
(meaning -like) is usually used in the sub-family level. On genus level 
it raises the question "if it's like hyacinthus, why isn't it in 

I'd like to add that other fields of science face the same problem: 
there is a rather logical IUPAC naming system for chemical substances, 
telling you a lot about structure and possible behavior of the 
substance, yet most people use trivial names just because they already 
learned them by heart, that's rather frustrating...


Am 09.01.2016 um 07:23 schrieb penstemon:
> As for plurals, it seems that is one of those things that varies from one plant scholar to the next. I had been given a critique concerning the writing on my blog that I should just write, for example, Scillas (italicized, of course) rather than the lower case. Peculiar that there are so many different options on this matter.
> Lower case is correct. (I was tempted to add “period”, but that sounded excessively aggressive.) “I walked out into the garden, and, behold, a hundred scillas were in flower.” Use of a capital is restricted to reference to “the genus Scilla”. It isn’t an example of being a “plant scholar”, but rather correct English usage.
> The plural of scilla is scillas.
> If you wrote a book using “Scilla” when referring to anything other than “the genus Scilla” I would edit that to lower case in every instance.
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