Excitement in the Greenhouse

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Sun, 31 Jul 2016 11:34:45 PDT
Excitement in the greenhouse!

I stepped inside my glass-to-ground lean-to greenhouse and it was hot! 
Intake fan not running, vent louvers not open. Went to check the 
thermostat for the system, which has a small cover over the top of the 
coil to protect it from the sun. And an agitated wasp flew out. My quick 
glimpse showed me a couple more crawling over a nest. Yikes!

Back away. Discuss with Mr Jam Lord. Flip switch inside greenhouse to 
off. Get the can of wasp and hornet spray, edge into the greenhouse - 
and a wasp lands on the can. Reflexively slap the lid over the top, thus 
trapping wasp. Now what?

Exit to driveway. Shake can repeatedly, hoping to dizzy the wasp, then 
squash it. Remove cover and it flew off. Sigh.

Into greenhouse, tap spray nest, stunning both wasps which I squashed. 
Remove cover. Back outside to driveway. Shake nest loose and step all 
over that.

Back into greenhouse and see there is a mud dauber wasp nest attached to 
coil, filling all the space to wall. Break that loose, remove dust, turn 
switch to on. Nothing happens. Lights in greenhouse do not turn on either.

Trudge over to circuit breaker box. Figure out which circuit is for 
greenhouse. Reset. Eureka! Fans run, louvers open.

And now I don't even remember why I went in there to begin with. But I'm 
sure glad I did. Also glad there are two roof vents that operate on 
expansion of wax cylinder. Imagine how hot it could have gotten without 

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