Sprouting Boophone seed

Kipp McMichael kimcmich@hotmail.com
Tue, 05 Jul 2016 09:38:44 PDT
  For me in Berkeley, Boophone seed needs no special soaking or coaxing treatment. I lay seed on the surface of a slightly underfilled-pot and then add top-dressing to half-bury the seeds such that their tops are small domes surrounded by the top-dressing. Place in brightest shade, water weekly and leaves should emerge in 2-4 weeks.
  Boophone seed produce a strong, robust radicle than can grow into the soil even in dry-surface conditions. Be sure to check the pot and assist any seed whose radical isn't growing into the soil - sometimes you need to help these  "free radicles" pushing sideways along the surface by making a starter hole for them and dropping the radicle tip in.
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> Subject: [pbs] Sprouting Boophone seed
> I have put mine into a Ziploc with some potting soil but I'm wondering 
> if anyone has a different way.  How long does it take for them to sprout.
> I have sprouted some Z. fosterii 2 ways. In the same way as above and 
> floating on water.  Both were successful and both sprouted at the same time.
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