Fascinating climate map shows which countries have the same weather as Australia

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There are climates that are very similar to Adelaide's and other Australian areas around the world. I suggest some exploration of the Mediterranean Garden Societies website with all the references. One mention was made that the San Francisco Bay Area does not reach 100F temps but if you go away from the city itself by 50-more miles, it very often does reach those temperatures. The rainfall for each area and when it falls it more indicative of the plants that will survive and thrive there.

I could go on for hours but will stop.

Please do visit http://www.mediterraneangardensociety.org/ for more information if you are interested.

Ps. The article really just pulled the extremes out.

Bracey Tiede
NorCal Branch Chair

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This article has a fascinating climate map of Australia (and Tasmania) where it maps different regions to similar climates on other continents. It even places a number of non-Australian cities on the map that correspond to the locations in Australia that have the same or similar climate as those cities have. I was surprised by a couple of them; I didn’t realize Adelaide’s climate was so similar to the California Bay Area’s or that Sydney’s climate was like that of Buenos Aires.

It would be fun to see similar maps made for other continents or regions. For example, I still don’t have a good feel for what the climates in Central Asia and the eastern Middle East correspond to elsewhere, especially since there are a number of bulbs that come from that region. For example, I keep wondering why certain Tulipa species do so well in warmer regions like southern California and the U.S. South, while other Tulipa species do not.


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