Tall Irises flopping over - Remedy ?

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Buy from reputable hybridizers.  Reputable known hybridizers do not introduce iris that flop over.  Ghio and Keppel destroy thousands of beautiful iris just because they do things like that.  For re=bloomers, it is best to keep them in the same area so you can continue watering them after the first bloom.  Giving them a little bit of fertilizer after first bloom isn't necessary but doesn't hurt.  Ghio doesn't introduce his as RE because they rebloom here but not reliably other places.  There are two hybridizers, I know of, who have a few that rebloom in the east or mid=west, Sutton and Commanche Acres.  Carolyn

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Is there an obvious reason that some, but not most, Tall Bearded Irises in
(the same) garden would flop over (flowering stalks)? And, is there a quick
and easy method to avoid this - other than staking?

Also - what's the best way to get rebloomers to rebloom? I have a lot of
rebloomers that do not rebloom when left alone.

Thanks! Jude

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