tall irises flopping over

Jane Sargent jane@deskhenge.com
Tue, 07 Jun 2016 15:02:39 PDT
I live in Massachusetts, zone 5.
It´s better not to overfertilize irises, to keep them a bit shorter. 
Tomato fertilizer is my favorite.
I agree that the conditions in which the iris was bred or raised are 
important. Irises blooming for the first time in my garden may have been 
overfertilized and tend to grow tall. The second year, they are better. 
A dank, dark Spring produces taller ones, too.
     As for rebloomers, California-bred irises, much as I love the 
bubble ruffles and all, do not rebloom here in Massachusetts for me. The 
best rebloomer here is an old one, "immortality," white and lovely.
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