Drimia maritima

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sun, 05 Jun 2016 10:00:28 PDT
Dear Friends, 

	I am not known for easy or sane projects, but I hope I can some help on HOW EXTREME I can go with Drimia maritime here in Kansas City Zone 5/6.

	Last fall I was given a huge bulb in leaf that I ketp in full leaf over the winter in my frost free greenhouse.  Once the temps warmed I brought it  out into full sun and it looked very happy - rich green firm foliage.
	Now the foliage is almost totally dried and brown.	I have read that it shoiuld get NO RAIN and HIT DRY Summers.

	I have put a transparent bell jar over the entire bulb and pot . There is a tiny vent  opening near the top of the bell jar. Almost no rain can get in, but I noticed there is some condensation inside on dewy morning. 

	The temps are going toward daily highs of 80 to 90 as summer approaches. I assume the temp in the bell jar can get quite HOT. I do not plan on any water until I see some sign of growth-later.

	I haven’t measured the heat in the bell jar, but I am sure it is already over 100 F.

	So 	How hot is TOO HOT ?		Appreciate any thoughts from those who actually grow and bloom this beast.		Best		jim W.

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