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Order from the best hybridizers.  These are: 
Joe Ghio at Bay View Gardens, catalog $3 get extras if you order.  He is the leading hybridizer of Pacific Coast Iris. 
Keith Keppel, catalog $3 I think. 
Barry Blyth in Australia - Tempo Two catalog. You can order Blyth iris from these other hybridizers saving you the import cost.   
Mt Plesant with Chad Harris's iris, lots of water iris, Japanese iris as well as TB. 
Mid-America, large catalog $5 I think, showing iris of Tom Johnson and Paul Black. 
Aitken's Salmon Creek Garden, Terry Aitken, lots of variety of the different types, both bearded and non-bearded.  
Superstition Iris Gardens with Rick Tasco and Roger Duncan introductions, they also care lots of antique iris and some Aril bred.
These are all award winning hybridizers who know what they are doing, honest, etc.  There are lots of other iris sellers, some good some  not.  The catalogs are worth it and when  you order, the cost of the catalog is either refunced or shows up in extra iris you receive.
Carolyn Craft

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The iris tangent has me wondering if anyone can recommend some sources for
TBI's - other than Blue J and Schreiner's.
I have been building a large collection of these with about 50 so far, and
want to expand upon that.
Thanks, Jude

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