Allen McMurtrie's reticulate iris hybrids

Jim McKenney
Wed, 22 Jun 2016 07:34:18 PDT
I got an email from Alan McMurtrie yesterday which, among other things, lists sources for his reticulate iris hybrids. Perhaps others of you also got a similar email, although the one I received was addressed to me only. If this email had a wider distribution, I apologize for posting it here. He included a copy of his Plantsman's article (not attached here) and gives permission to reprint it. Let's put it on the PBS Wiki! Here's what he wrote:
Hi Jim,
It would be great if you could let members know my Reticulata Iris hybrids are now available.
Malcolm McGregor will be publishing a couple of articles about my work in future issues of the NARGS Rock Garden Quarterly.
For the moment it' s a matter of letting members know they can buy them; and at the same time trying to get wholesalers and retailers interested in selling them.
If you are interested, you can reprint my article from the March issue of The Plantsman.  Mike Grant says, "They do need to say it was first published in The Plantsman, and if they can add a link to our website that would be great ("

Odyssey Bulbs is one of the companies selling my bulbs in the U.S.  They sell:  Mars Landing  Orange Glow  Sea Breeze  Velvet Smile

The Denver Botanic Garden should have some in their plant sale (via Jacques Amand)

At the moment there is a big wholesaler in Canada distributing 6 of my hybrids via a couple of mail order firms and starting to get garden centres interested.  I am trying to get wholesalers interested in the U.S. but its quite an uphill battle.
Jacques Amand Intl. ships to the U.S.  They do a bulk shipment to the U.S. and then individual orders are sent on from within the U.S.  People can contact: for details.
The big advantage people get by buying this way is the best selection of my hybrids:  Beautiful Day  Dance On  Darkness  Evening Twilight  Eye Catcher  Mars Landing  North Star  Orange Glow  Regal  Scent•sational  Sea Green  Sea Breeze  Splish Splash  Spot On  Storm  Summers Day  Sunshine  Velvet Smile  Vivacious Beginnings  White Caucasus

People can find out more about my work at

All the best,      Alan

(416) 221-4344

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