Drimia maritima

Donald Journet donjournet@netspace.net.au
Sun, 05 Jun 2016 22:42:17 PDT
Hello Jim,
               Some how in the note below I clearly hit the wrong key 
when referring to temperatures, it should have read 100 deg F.

Hello Jim,

I have been growing Drimia/Urginia maritima for many years here in 
Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia. It is growing in a pot out in the 
open with a large number of other plants and does not receive any 
protection from the weather what so ever. Summer here are generally very 
dry although we did have severe flooding in summer one year more often 
have bush fires rather than flood. I think I have had more problems from 
lack of water and the bulb dwindled down to a fraction of its purchased 
size. I have been making sure that it gets plenty of water as long as it 
has foliage and this has resulted in the bulb regaining some of its 
previous size. During summer it gets watered along with the other plants 
and has not suffered at all. I have also seen bulbs in open beds in the 
Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and they look as though they have been 
in situ a long time. Summers are hot with shade temperatures up to 100 
Degrees C much higher in full sun and many of my succulents such as 
Echeverias, Sedums, Andromischus etc  literally cook when in full sun 
(probably due to soft winter growth and the sun moving to directly 
overhead), most frustrating.

Hope this helps with a southern hemisphere perspective.

Don Journet
Bacchus Marsh Victoria

-- Don Journet Mobile 0439034194 34 Mc Crae Street Maddingley Victoria 3340

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