Brodiaea elegans

Lee Poulsen
Tue, 21 Jun 2016 11:15:59 PDT
> On Jun 19, 2016, at 10:15 AM, Jane McGary <> wrote:
> Brodiaea elegans (grown from seeds collected in northern California) does very well here in northwestern Oregon, in the open garden in well-drained locations. As Mary Sue wrote, it isn't quite the last themid (Themidaceae) to flower; Brodiaea californica is a little behind it. B. elegans is more vigorous here than Brodiaea coronaria, which flowers at the same time.

Even down here in hot Southern California, I still have a few themids in flower. (Although to be truthful, until a few days ago, we’ve have quite a number of weeks where the temperatures have remained relatively cool. Of course that suddenly changed a few days ago peaking at 111°F [44°C] yesterday at the Pasadena weather station!)
Currently blooming among my plants are:
Brodiaea californica
B. californica ssp. leptandra
B. elegans
B. filifolia
B. pallida
B. purdyi
Triteleia peduncularis

There are also a couple of geophytes from the opposite side of the equator also still blooming:
Conanthera campanulata
c. trimaculata

I don’t know if they can continue blooming and forming seeds if the scape is separated from the plant, but at the moment the leaves have all gone dormant and it’s just the bare flower scapes still blooming their heads off. They’re also purple/violet flowers like most of the themids.


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