Drimia maritima

Shawn Pollard pollards22@yahoo.com
Wed, 08 Jun 2016 07:08:55 PDT
A short story.

I used to have a working relationship with the Agriculture department at the college where I teach in Yuma.  I had permission to stash a large number of dormant bulbs and Dudleyas, still in their pots, in an air-conditioned greenhouse while my family and I were out of town one summer.  (It was the summer before we bought our house and I could finally start planting in the ground after years of carrying all my plants from place to place.)  When we returned, I discovered that the air conditioning was turned off and the bulbs had been cooked in their pots like potatoes.  (This is Yuma, remember.)  Everything was dead -- except for the Drimia maritima and, interestingly, Oxalis drummondii.

The sea squills have bulb tunics like kevlar.  I have them now growing in the open garden here in Yuma.

Shawn Pollard

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 Dear Friends, 
     I am not known for easy or sane projects,
 but I hope I can some help on HOW EXTREME I can go with
 Drimia maritime here in Kansas City Zone 5/6.
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