How to get Hippeastrum papillo to bloom?

Sue Mandeville
Wed, 15 Jun 2016 06:40:01 PDT
Hi All,

I’m Sue Mandeville from Eugene, Oregon, new to the PBS. Zone 7-8, wet
winters, dry summers. I joined because I wanted to find out how to get my
Hippeastrum papillo to bloom. Had it for years. Told it didn’t need a
dormant period, then read it needed two short dormant periods. Read it
liked to be pot bound, so when dormant I put it in a smaller pot. Read it
was epiphytic. Has 5 big bulbs. It’s starting to go dormant again. I’m
thinking I gave it too much nitrogen fertilizer, fertilizer suggestions and
timing would be welcome. I’m also thinking of putting it in an orchid type
pot with bark chips and peat…does this sound OK? Other than no blooms, it’s
a very healthy plant. Thanks, Sue
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