When to plan oxalis bulbs

msittner@mcn.org msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 06 Jun 2016 07:38:49 PDT
I donated those bulbs. I keep them in paper bags and then start potting
them up as I see them sprouting. This usually is from some time in August
into September or with Oxalis obtusa later. They don't all sprout at the
same time and they do just fine planted after they are sprouted. I have
not lost any keeping them this way, but they are inside and our summer
temperatures are mild. Sometimes you can even have a better idea which way
to plant them after they have sprouted. On some of them you have to plant
sideways since you can't tell which end is up. If they were in a pot I
wouldn't know when to start watering them. The one from Mexico has been
blooming for me for awhile too. I let it go dormant in winter and was just
late in getting the bulbs to the BX. I have some more ready to send soon
that are fall to winter blooming so if some of you have already planted
them you can try them a different way. As with many of the things we grow
there can be more than one way for success. I save my paper bags that are
marked with the species name and have been reusing them.

Mary Sue

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