Email problems

David Pilling
Mon, 21 Mar 2016 05:05:35 PDT

On 21/03/2016 10:21, Rick Buell wrote:
> I just realized that I'm receiving only a fraction of pbs emails being sent to me from pbs.
 > These aren't going to the spam file, trash, or to other locations.

We get quite a few messages along these lines. I'll reply here in the 
hope that others may have solutions.

The gold standard for what is posted to the list is the list archive.

Everything that is posted appears in the ibiblio version:

However we have another archive more suited to everyday reading, here:

This version of the archive gets its posts via a gmail account.

The point here is the archives allow you to see how many of the posts to 
the list you are receiving.

But this does also provide a couple of solutions - read posts on the 
archive, and get a gmail account (which you can set up to forward to 
your normal email).

As list moderators we can see if your email account is bouncing posts 
(no Rick yours is not) - you can always ask me.

Systems like Yahoo can choose to flag posts as spam and quietly kill them.

A lot of trouble goes on - one day comcast will decide that all posts 
from demon are spam - another demon will decide all posts from yahoo are 
spam. We have to plead and fill in online forms to try to convince 
hotmail etc that the list is not spam.

It depends on the system but there are often ways of telling gmail or 
whatever that posts from a given sender are not spam. This is your best 

We do not have access to low level log files that would allow us to 
determine that given emails were sent, or discover if they bounced for 
any reason.

David Pilling

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