Cleaning cactus seed

Tim Eck
Tue, 29 Mar 2016 14:31:23 PDT

> In the future, try putting the gel containing the seeds (actually composed
> umbilical cords connecting the seeds to the ovary placenta) into a dirty
> Rinse it and squeeze it under a running faucet. Add some soap.
> Continue until the goo be gone. The following day, roll up the car window
> the sock, hanging outside the window. It will air-dry as you drive.
> Leo Martin

Sometimes winnowing slimy seed can be a challenge.  I tried the tomato seed
trick (let it ferment in water a few days) with Aronia to no avail.  
No matter what I did, the seed was too slimy to pick up.  What would you

Well once I realized the seed was too slimy to pick up, I reached in the
container and grabbed everything I could and threw it out.  Over and over
again - until only the seed was left.

Milkweed and some asters and thistles can be winnowed by fluffing them up
and tossing a lit match at them.

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