Seeking a key to Scilla and related genera, + other info

Travis O
Mon, 14 Mar 2016 10:21:38 PDT
I am seeking any available dichotomous keys to the genus Scilla and related genera: Barnardia, Fessia, Hyacinthoides, Merwilla, Nectaroscilla, Oncostema, Othocallis, Prospero, Schizocarphus, Schnarfia, and Tractema.
I am also interested in reading any published works on the aforementioned genera, preferably in English. Is it true that many of the divisions by Speta were made based on seed characteristics or is this no longer valid? I am very confused.
What papers on Scilla sensu lato are the most up to date and accepted?
-Travis OwenRogue River, OR 		 	   		  

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