Cutworms and bulbs
Fri, 25 Mar 2016 22:43:07 PDT

 Another site with images, this one displaying some of the many color forms of the adult.…
Also notice the green caterpillars -- they're green because they molted recently. The green will change to the more common brown color scheme within a relatively brief time.

in Portland, Oregon

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On 3/20/2016 3:37 PM, Diane Whitehead wrote:
> When do these moths lay their eggs?  Maybe some nets or screens could keep them out of your greenhouse.

I should have mentioned that the "greenhouse" is 20 by 40 feet and the 
sides are hardware cloth (wire mesh), not solid. I don't know if the 
moths can get through the mesh but they might get in under the roof or 
some other unprotected place. Juncos (small birds) sometimes get in; I 
suspect they walk between the bottom of the door and the gravel path. 
The protected situation also attracts many spiders, which may help 
control the moths...

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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