Cutworms and Bulbs

Pamela Slate
Mon, 21 Mar 2016 12:56:31 PDT
Hi Jane,
While I have no cutworms in my raised planters, I've had grubs that attack
Watsonia spp. and others. For control, I periodically apply these:…

Guardian/Lawn Patrol Mix of 1 million has controlled them for me and as
you'll read, it is recommended for cutworms and many others. We apply them
mixed with water using a large electric on-demand sprayer at about 19-20
psi (they can withstand much higher levels) but smaller models such as
those found at Northern Tool would work just as well. The nematodes are
perishable and if I recall, must be applied within 24 hours of receipt,
stored in the refrigerator. We apply in the evening, watering them in as
directed and they go to work at once seeking out hosts.

I haven't needed to try any other controls.

Good luck,
Pamela Slate

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