reticulata irises

Diane Whitehead
Sun, 20 Mar 2016 09:56:41 PDT
I went back to the original query.  How do reticulatas compare with other bulbs?  Are there some bulbs that require similar conditions, so that if you can grow Xx or Yy, you will also succeed with reticulatas?

In my garden, some bulbs survive and bloom every year but never multiply, like my 35 year old pink hyacinths.  I probably planted blue ones, too, but they haven't been seen in several decades.

Some increase well and flower well, like Anemone nemorosa and various snowdrops and narcissus.

Some flower and multiply prodigiously - cyclamen, and everything blue (unless it is Iris reticulata) - scillas, chionodoxa, muscari

And then there are Spanish bluebells, dug out by the hundreds every year, grazed by deer, but never diminishing noticeably.

Diane Whitehead
Victoria, B.C., Canada
cool mediterranean climate
mild dry summers, mild rainy winters

On 2016-03-19, at 1:53 PM, Dennis Kramb wrote:

>  Any ideas why they fizzle out instead of steadily increase like most spring bulbs?
> Do they have different cultural requirements than Muscari, daffodils,
> tulips, etc.?  Because that's what I've tried to grow them alongside.

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