dylansbulbs - eBay Bids Blocked

Blanca Wingate blancawingate@gmail.com
Fri, 20 May 2016 17:08:10 PDT
Hi JH,

Yes, I checked.  However, none of the conditions specified by eBay apply 
to me.  In addition, I have never purchased anything from dylansbulbs.
A family member who also has a 100% positive feedback rating with nearly 
700 transactions tried to purchase a species Hippeastrum bulb as a gift 
for me, but he was blocked as well.

We both wrote to Mr. Hammon long ago to inquire about the situation, but 
received no response.  I tried bidding again yesterday to see if 
anything had changed.
It appears that he simply does not want our business.

Thank you for trying to help.



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