Tall Bearded Irises

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Tue, 31 May 2016 15:11:41 PDT
	Gilbert Wild’s in Sarcoxie Mo sold off ALL their Irises years ago, but have recently begun accumulating a few for sale. Odds and ends, byut cheap, mostly.

	If you want the top of the heap, probably the foremost hybrids are produced by 	Mid-America Garden  and Keith Keppel (Google both)

	There are dozens of lower priced sellers with recent hybrids such as Iris Sisters Farm and Comanche Acres. 

	Bottom line - do not go to Wild’s to buy irises, do try the above or even the Commercial Directory of the American Iris Society at http://irises.org/Resources/Commercial_Ref.html/ <http://irises.org/Resources/Commercial_Ref.html/>

	No shortage when around 1100 new cvs are inroduced every year. Really. 		Jim W. 

> Subject: [pbs] Tall Bearded Irises
> The iris tangent has me wondering if anyone can recommend some sources for
> TBI's - other than Blue J and Schreiner's.
> I have been building a large collection of these with about 50 so far, and
> want to expand upon that.
> Thanks, Jude
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