Allium triquetrum

Kathleen Sayce
Thu, 05 May 2016 08:05:42 PDT
Several weeks ago at a party, a friend asked me to identify a flowering bulb from his description, and I begged off until I could see flowers, or he could send me photos. 

The photos came today, and this is Allium triquetrum, growing on a river walk in Astoria, Oregon. He transplanted it to his yard, where in damp shade it is dueling for space with creeping buttercup (another introduced invasive species), and is now in bloom. Pre-photos, I had asked him to take measurements, thinking I would need to refer to keys to identify it. But no, thanks to the PBS photos, I was able to scroll right to it in the Allium section. 

This is a thank you to everyone who has sent in photos and posted information on PBS’s site. I’ve sent him to it to read about his lovely little allium. 


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