dylansbulbs - eBay Bids Blocked

Blanca Wingate blancawingate@gmail.com
Fri, 20 May 2016 02:54:22 PDT
Dear All,

When I bid on dylansbulbs eBay auctions, my bids are immediately 
rejected and the message shown below appears.

"Sorry, the seller is not accepting bids or offers from you at this time."

 From the Membership Directory, I am aware that the seller Dylan Hammon 
is a fellow member of PBS, but I am not acquainted with him.  I have not 
received any negative feedback on eBay, and my PayPal account in good 
standing.  I just don't understand what caused this situation.

As a person with a need to comprehend things, I wrote to Dylan Hammon 
via the eBay site introducing myself and politely inquiring about why I 
was blocked from bidding on his auctions.  I even provided Diana Chapman 
and Kevin Preuss as references.  However, Mr. Hammon has never 
responded.  Unfortunately, eBay cannot provide an explanation.

The Amaryllidaceae are my passion (especially Hippeastrum species).  I 
confess that my feelings are hurt.  I wondered if any other PBS members 
have had this experience.

Many thanks for any insights into this exclusionary state of affairs.

Kind regards,

Blanca in California

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