Importing bulbs

Sat, 21 May 2016 20:49:11 PDT
It seems that only some countries are in the Preclearance Program now, and not all species and nurseries in these countries may be qualified.
Bulbs and Underground Portions of Dormant PerennialPreclearance Program The preclearance program for specific taxa of bulbs and underground portionsof dormant perennials are in effect in Belgium, Chile, Ireland, Israel, theNetherlands, South Africa, Turkey (via the Netherlands only), and UnitedKingdom. All requirements for the preclearance program must be met toqualify for the preclearance program. 
When not meeting the preclearance program requirements, the plants aresubject to general restrictions for admissibility and any additional restrictionsfor the commodity, including inspection. 
Precleared Bulbs from the Netherlands via Canada Precleared bulbs from the Netherlands via Canada are authorized entry fromCanada. 
Precleared Bulbs from Turkey Precleared bulbs and underground portions of dormant perennials grown inTurkey and shipped from the Netherlands are authorized entry as part of theNetherlands preclearance program and may only enter from the Netherlands. 
To start the process of regulating bulbs and underground portions of dormantperennials, see Table 7-1."
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