Importing bulbs

Sat, 21 May 2016 17:42:13 PDT
If you buy bulbs or win bids on EBay from Komoriya Nursery, they will ship 12 bulbs or less per box as one order. Evidently this falls as a retail sale in U.S. rules and as long as they get a phyto cert. and pack and ship it correctly people with no permit can receive the order/box with no problem. It is properly inspected in Japan and in the U. S. Then delivered to your address. Mine are always held for me at the Post Office, where there is  ac\heat, because I am not at home when the mail truck comes. 
If you order from Royal Colors, the same 12 bulbs per order and phyto cert. from country of origin applies. I do not know how customs defines importing from a small overseas purchase. 
Depending on the volume you need you should find an experienced seller or be prepared to train the people who have the bulbs you want.You may want to contact and make a list of international shipping companies known to handle small lots of bulbs like the companies used by Komoriya & Royal Colors in the countries you need.
Good luck.
E. Wm. Warren

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