Pacific Coast Irises

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 31 May 2016 16:19:44 PDT
Hi Jim,

I hike where I live every week and we saw our first Iris douglasiana in 
flower in January and then again a few in February. So that was 
exciting. The best bloom time to see them has been April and May. I 
think we have seen a few to a lot of flowers on every hike those months 
and there were still flowers to be seen on our hike last Thursday. This 
doesn't necessarily mean that each plant blooms for a long time. None of 
the ones in my garden were in flower in January or February. It probably 
has something to do with conditions to their liking influencing when 
they flower.  I have a lot of them growing in my yard and I haven't kept 
track of how many days I see flowers. I expect it is more than a month 
however. It's a much longer time in my garden than Iris unguicularis is 
in bloom. The individual flowers are short lived however.

Mary Sue

> Mary Sue wrote: "It's been a glorious year for Iris douglasiana where I live which has been blooming
> for months and months, in some instances in masses."
> Is that typical of them as a group? That suggests that they have much greater garden value than I suspected.

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