Pacific Coast Irises in the east
Tue, 31 May 2016 13:11:34 PDT
Hi Jim,
I grow a couple of them in NY, a purple and a white raised from seed.  The white one died when we moved to the new house but the purple has done well.  It isnt having as many flowers as usual right now (I see two so far) probably due to the arctic blast that dropped temps officially to -3F in the middle of an otherwise mild winter.  That singed the leaves although that is normal by the end of winter, new ones grow back.  I also have 2 seedlings from PCI group seed that made it thru the winter fine--in fact the other small seedlings perished not so much from winter but from constant digging by squirrels and chipmunks in that area. It got to the point that I had to place rocks around the seedlings to discourage them and I also trap and remove them.  I have friends here in town, another couple that have a wonderful rock garden, who grow a couple of other PCI and have for years.  I got a division of the buff colored one and it has taken in my garden, no blooms yet.  I am of the o
 pinion that if enough people in the east try and grow PCIs from seed nature will select those that are best adapted for our conditions.  It might be asking a bit much for them to grow in zones 5 and lower but then again, someone has to try.  Perhaps with good snow cover they might work in such regions.  Here at the edge of 7/6 they can survive and grow.  I also don't know how they fare down south in much hotter summers, maybe some down south would know more. 
Ernie DeMarie
in NY where the first Crinum bulbispermum flowers have opened as of today.  


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