Light levels for growing SA bulbs - Simplified...

Sarah Hinckley
Wed, 19 Oct 2016 10:55:57 PDT
Hi Robin,

I am a beginner with SA bulbs.  None of the ones I have have begun to 
flower yet.  I have had the greenhouse less than a year.  I am just 
presupposing that the light levels in western Washington might be too 
low to get these bulbs to grow and flower successfully.

I really appreciate hearing about others experience!



On 10/19/2016 10:50 AM, Hansen Nursery wrote:
> Sarah,
> Have the plants in your greenhouse been blooming or are you unsatisfied with
> the quality of flowering?  I find I can get Cyclamen graecum to flower and
> set some seed here on the southwest coast of Oregon if I leave them in the
> poly house through the summer, where I think intensity of heat counts as
> much as intensity of light.  I'm just south of the 45th parallel.
> If they aren't flowering at all or poorly, I'd definitely supplement the
> light, although surely more lengthly exposure to light in the summer should
> compensate for less intensity of light to some degree the further north you
> live.  Can someone comment on this?
> Thanks,
> Robin
> Hansen Nursery
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