PBS list technical matters

David Pilling david@davidpilling.com
Wed, 19 Apr 2017 04:26:57 PDT

In the last week Ibiblio (our host) has changed the addresses attached 
to messages. If you have set up folder routing your messages may now be 
appearing somewhere other than their usual place.

There has been some internal chat about moving the list to Google groups.

The plus side is the possibility of including photos, retaining an email 
interface and avoiding the spam blocks [1] which are becoming more frequent.

If anyone thinks a move to Google groups is a bad idea, let me know.

Service providers (e.g. AOL, Earthlink, Comcast)  will often block all 
posts from the Ibiblio mail list machine - I then have to fill in forms 
and beg them to remove the block.

David Pilling
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